The Machinations of a Photographers Mind


Vegas and Valley of Fire









Headshots in NYC


Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. What does it all mean for JL Studios?

After a long holdout I have finally joined Facebook. It is really important in this age of social media to have a prescence as this can help to build your brand. So in that vain and an act of shameless self promotion:

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First Ride of the Season for the Phat Boyz

I had been looking forward to this shoot for some time.  It was my first opportunity to shoot the club in action and it was a blast although it was too short. I am definitely looking forward to the next ride.


Domino Sugar Plant

The Havemeyer family acquired the site and built the original refinery in 1856. By the time the 1870’s rolled around the plant manufactured more than 50% of the nations sugar. A fire in 1882 destroyed the original plant, but it was quickly rebuilt.  After operating for some 148 years the plant closed in 2004. For more information on the domino sugar plant check out

Streaking Lights at Night

Standing outside in the frigid cold of NYC along the East River really made me wish I had packed an extra sweater and some gloves. The icy cold wind found every opening in my jacket and chilled me to the bone. Despite the cold causing brain freeze I managed to snap a few keepers.



Random Building in Evening Sun

In photography you often need to be at the right place at the right time with the right amount of skill and the right equipment. I just happened to be walking along one day and the way the light was hitting this building captured my photographic eye. The darkened front of the building contrasted beautifully with the golden hue of the sun warmed bricks and the brilliance of the blue sky.

The Mime Photo Shoot

The word mime is derived from an ancient Greek word which means “imitator or actor”. Mime developed into a theatrical form in ancient Greece. When Rome conquered Greece it adopted this form of theater as means of entertainment. From there it took root in the Middle Ages as performers donned comical masks and exaggerated acting styles in order to draw attention to themselves.

The creation of the modern form of mime is credited to Etienne Decroux and his pupil Jean-Louis Barrault.

I based my photo shoot on mimes. When I think of mimes; comedy and white gloves are the first 2 things that pop into my mind. So I decided to use over sized cartoon gloves to serve as the props. Then I went with the more traditional white gloves and let the model express himself as he saw fit while letting the gloves frame his actions.

Abandoned House


If walls could talk, what would they say? Abandoned houses allow you to write your own narrative. What story does this house tell?