The Machinations of a Photographers Mind


Vegas and Valley of Fire









The Mime Photo Shoot

The word mime is derived from an ancient Greek word which means “imitator or actor”. Mime developed into a theatrical form in ancient Greece. When Rome conquered Greece it adopted this form of theater as means of entertainment. From there it took root in the Middle Ages as performers donned comical masks and exaggerated acting styles in order to draw attention to themselves.

The creation of the modern form of mime is credited to Etienne Decroux and his pupil Jean-Louis Barrault.

I based my photo shoot on mimes. When I think of mimes; comedy and white gloves are the first 2 things that pop into my mind. So I decided to use over sized cartoon gloves to serve as the props. Then I went with the more traditional white gloves and let the model express himself as he saw fit while letting the gloves frame his actions.

WW2 Memorial at Night

The Machinations of a Photographers Mind

What makes a photograph great? Is it one that provokes thought and challenges the viewer to look inward for answers? Is it one that draws in the viewer and warms the heart?

It is nothing short of mind boggling the endless variety of emotions and interpretations that one piece of work can evoke. This is the freedom which art gives us. Some feel so passionately about their own individual interpretation that they wish to to confine others to their own vision. However this variation in interpretation of images is what makes photography so liberating.

In the upcoming posts you will see a range of images that I hope will enlighten, inspire, and provoke thought. I look forward to sharing my insights regarding my photographs.  Please come back and share your thoughts on how my work makes you feel and any suggestions/ideas to try. You dont have to agree with my views or style but, please respect my views and freedom to express it as I do yours.  Look forward to hearing from you all.

Until Next Time…