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Domino Sugar Plant

The Havemeyer family acquired the site and built the original refinery in 1856. By the time the 1870’s rolled around the plant manufactured more than 50% of the nations sugar. A fire in 1882 destroyed the original plant, but it was quickly rebuilt.  After operating for some 148 years the plant closed in 2004. For more information on the domino sugar plant check out


Streaking Lights at Night

Standing outside in the frigid cold of NYC along the East River really made me wish I had packed an extra sweater and some gloves. The icy cold wind found every opening in my jacket and chilled me to the bone. Despite the cold causing brain freeze I managed to snap a few keepers.



Juju the Messy One

I had a photo shoot this weekend with a 2 year old. Let me tell you there is a big difference from working with actors, models, and other adults to working with children. They can sure wear you out and their attention span is much smaller than ours. Its definitely important to keep the shoot fun, use props, and take frequent breaks so the child is rested and remains engaged. But no matter what children will do what they want to do once set loose and this will lead to some great and rewarding images. After chasing her around for a couple hours I was WIPED OUT but satisfied. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Juju Matching with Mom

Here's Looking at You Kid

Its My Chocolate Bunny

Hmmmm this Chocolate Is Good