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Domino Sugar Plant

The Havemeyer family acquired the site and built the original refinery in 1856. By the time the 1870’s rolled around the plant manufactured more than 50% of the nations sugar. A fire in 1882 destroyed the original plant, but it was quickly rebuilt.  After operating for some 148 years the plant closed in 2004. For more information on the domino sugar plant check out


Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge was opened to traffic on December 31, 1909.  It was the last of the 3 suspension bridges built to cross the east river. It connects lower Manhattan at Canal Street with Brooklyn.

Headstands on the Beach

You never know what you are going to see when you are out and about. I wanted to share a few snaps I took of this man doing headstands on the beach.

Art Bar Exhibition

Sorry I have not posted in some time. I have been busy shooting and editing for my exhibition that opened today at the Art Bar  in NYC. The address is 52 8th Avenue, New York. Between Horatio & Jane on the East Side of Eighth Avenue (two blocks south of 14th Street). The title of the exhibition is Faces.  Most of these pictures have not even been added to my website yet. The works are a collection of black and white portrait images. 

It is a great feeling to be able have my work on display.  So stop by grab a drink and enjoy the show. I look forward to sharing with you my many new photo shoots. Until next time.

Read All About It: Pay Phones Still Exist in NYC!!

Walking along the streets of NYC it seems impossible that you run across a payphone much less one that works. Your chances decrease even further as you venture into Central Park. The advent of the cellphone has lead to the decline in the popularity of the payphone. Despite this there are still some 14,560 payphones in NYC.

As I was walking in Central Park one day I came across this phone. I did some post processing in order to come up with the final images you see here. I look forward to hearing what you think.